Threatening Email – CY – 7/6/2017

Well, we were hoping things wouldn’t come to this, but apparently they have. So this unfortunate blog post is to quickly address an issue that has recently come about. It’s annoying to have to take care of this, because it takes time away from finishing our book (almost done…! Yay! 🙂 ), however, it needs to be done.

So although we were hoping it wouldn’t come to this, we have now put a notice up on our “Contact” page:

NOTICE: IF WE RECEIVE THREATENING OR NASTY EMAILS OR MESSAGES, THE DETAILS PROVIDED IN SAID EMAIL OR MESSAGE, INCLUDING YOUR IP ADDRESS, ARE VERY LIKELY TO BE MADE PUBLIC ON THIS BLOG POST. This is to protect ourselves and our family, so there is a public record of such correspondence in the event you decide to go off the deep end and cause harm to us or our family. So just don’t send nasty or threatening emails. Work your feelings out with a therapist, or something of the sort.

We’re sad to say, this blog post isn’t going to be very exciting; however, we feel it’s important to publicly record any emails that are threatening in nature. If someone were compelled to cause harm to us or our families, then at the very least, there would be a public record of the events that led up to the altercation.

So that said, here is a screenshot of this email.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 10.10.45 AM
Threatening email from Chris Young

Other than what Chris has provided to us in this threatening email, we also know he is LDS/Mormon, and lives in Canada. We do have his IP address, but we are reticent, at this time, to make this information publicly known, although we do have it recorded in the event the authorities or our lawyers need to be contacted. Furthermore, although the journals he sent to us in his emails name certain members of his family, we are not going to mention their names at this time; but we will give this information to the authorities, if events escalate to that point. Hopefully it won’t. 🙂

Short background: Chris has emailed us four times now. The first two times, he emailed us directly, wanting us to read his journal that he attached to the emails. The third time, he sent a message through our contact page on this blog: same words, but this time, he copied and pasted the text of his journal into the message. His last email was the threatening message that you can see above.

As stated VERY CLEARLY on our contact page, as well as our auto-responder on our email, WE DO NOT RESPOND TO EMAILS. This email address is strictly to pick and choose which questions we will eventually address either on this blog or on a YouTube video. There are two important points to notice about this statement:

  1. PICK AND CHOOSE. In other words, we are not going to respond to every single question we get. Some of the emails we receive don’t even have discernible questions, such as the ones that Chris Young sent to us.
  2. EVENTUALLY. In other words, right now we are working on finishing our book. After this is completed, as the grace of God allows, we will work on answering the questions as best we can. Although, our book will answer the majority of the questions we have already received.

However, let’s get back to Chris, and our individual responses to him and his threats. We respond not to have conversation with Chris, but because Chris needs someone to tell him the truth. We hope that whoever is reading this will feel compelled to say a prayer to our Heavenly Father to deliver Chris from demonic control and influence, and to bring him to salvation.

Loren’s Response

Regarding your statement that you know who I am: Chris, I honestly don’t care if you “know who I am,” whatever that means. All that matters is that my Heavenly Father knows who I am. And, by the way, He knows who you are too, but it’s clear you don’t know Him at all. This is made evident not only by your threatening email you sent to us, but in reading through your journal. My advice to you is to throw away your Book of Mormon and pick up the true written Word of God and begin studying it so that you will be able to know the TRUE Heavenly Father. You aren’t an angel, you aren’t communicating with or contacting dead people. Demons are fooling you, leading you down a path of mysticism and occultism, a path that will eventually lead to your destruction. It has already caused you to make bad decisions in your life, and you need deliverance. The Heavenly Father can deliver you, but you have to submit to His authority: confess your sin, repent, and ask Him to deliver you.

Regarding your statement that one day I will be judged for what I am doing: Yes, of course. We will all be judged, including yourself. It would be beneficial for you to make sure that you are in right standing with the Father before that day.

Regarding your statement that you forgive me for my trespasses: Since I have done nothing against you, there is nothing to forgive. However, since you brought up this topic, let me remind you that repentance comes before forgiveness. I would urge you to repent before the Father for the new age occultism you have gotten yourself involved in. He will forgive you if you confess your sin before him and repent.

Regarding your thinly-veiled threat against myself and my family that if I love them I will stop whatever it is you think I am doing against you: the very fact that you said this negates your first claim that you “know who I am.” You may or may not have retrieved all my private info from your Mormon buddies; you may or may not know my full name, my email address, my home address, my telephone number, the names and address of my family members, the names of my pets; you may have even figured out what my bank account info is or my social security number. But you do not know who I am. If you did, you’d know the one thing that makes me very angry are bullies who threaten others. Not necessarily bullies who threaten me, but bullies who threaten others. Especially if those others are my family and friends. So I am not scared by your bullying and your thinly-veiled threats against me and my family. I survived 18 years of daily beatings from my mother, not to mention the emotional and psychological trauma she put me through, so what makes you think I’m afraid of you? I survived repeated rapes at the hands of my mother’s second husband, a granddad, stepbrothers, programmers, satanists… I’ll stop there before I get too graphic, but the point is, what makes you think I am afraid of you? I have gone through the torture of mind-control programming and satanic rituals, and what I have been through most people would never survive.  So what makes you think that I am afraid of you? I have fought against fallen angels trying to suck me out of my body, demons raping me, being attacked physically by people in the astral… the list goes on… but what makes you think I am scared of you?

But if you still think you are man enough, bring it on, and we’ll show you how Texas greets unwelcome visitors who dare show up on our lawn — myself, my husband, and my children will all show you, and the police won’t be far behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors decide to join in on the welcoming party we’ll be sure to throw for you. This isn’t a threat. It’s a response to your threat, and it’s my promise to you. Don’t mess with Texas. 😉

Carolyn’s Response

How dare you make threats insinuating harm to Loren and her family! If anything happens to Loren or any of her family or loved ones, I will make sure you will be contacted by the authorities. If anything happens to myself, my family or loved ones, you will be suspect.

It also angers me that I and Loren are taking the time out of our day, and time away from writing our book and what our Heavenly Father has us working on at this moment, to respond to your threats.

I don’t have the time or energy any more to read long emails or journals, nor respond to them, which is why I put my personal email accounts on “vacation mode”. Both Loren and I read all the emails sent to our “AskCarolynandLoren” joint account, and we treat all emails the same. We read them, sometimes discuss them, and we file them so we can respond to them on future videos or articles. But as stated on our blog and in the automated response, we do not respond to these emails, except to be addressed on a video or a blog.

So while I don’t have time to read long emails nor respond, I did skim over your journal and find it all very demonic. I know you don’t see this, but at the least, you are involved in necromancy and occult mysticism. I believe you are demonically driven and need deliverance and professional help. I recommend that you put aside your LDS doctrines and begin reading and studying the Holy Bible in context and with understanding.

From this point on, we will not respond further to Chris Young. If he initiates any further contact with us, we will screenshot the email or message and update this blog post. If necessary, we will contact the authorities or our lawyers.



3 thoughts on “Threatening Email – CY – 7/6/2017

  1. {{{HUGS}}} and prayers for you both.

    Father, may your Holy Spirit pierce the darkness that has surrounded Chris…call him out of the darkness and into Your light. May the power of the Word break the chains of darkness that has him bound and may You Grace and Peace fill his heart to overflowing.

    May Loren and Carolyn and their families be blessed a hundred times over for their love and dedication to You and Your Kingdom. As they are writing this important book I pray Lord that any and all interruptions from the enemy come to naught and that you redeem the time for your children to write without hindrance and that this work bears much fruit.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  2. Hi Carolyn and Loren,

    Just FYI, an IP address doesn’t necessarily give you the physical location of the email sender. There are proxy servers all over the world that can be used to hide your physical location. For instance, a person located in San Francisco could log into a proxy server in India and send the email from there. So the sender appears to be physically located in India, when in fact they are actually located in San Fran.

    Just thought I’d share 😉

    God bless you both and thank you for what you do. I look forward to reading your completed book!



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