Threatening Email – CY – 7/6/2017

Well, we were hoping things wouldn’t come to this, but apparently they have. So this unfortunate blog post is to quickly address an issue that has recently come about. It’s annoying to have to take care of this, because it takes time away from finishing our book (almost done…! Yay! 🙂 ), however, it needs to be done.

So although we were hoping it wouldn’t come to this, we have now put a notice up on our “Contact” page:

NOTICE: IF WE RECEIVE THREATENING OR NASTY EMAILS OR MESSAGES, THE DETAILS PROVIDED IN SAID EMAIL OR MESSAGE, INCLUDING YOUR IP ADDRESS, ARE VERY LIKELY TO BE MADE PUBLIC ON THIS BLOG POST. This is to protect ourselves and our family, so there is a public record of such correspondence in the event you decide to go off the deep end and cause harm to us or our family. So just don’t send nasty or threatening emails. Work your feelings out with a therapist, or something of the sort.

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Q & A: Concerning Politics

by Loren and Carolyn

We’ve had inquiries come in from several different people, wondering about President Trump. The questions are basically categorized as follows:

1. Was this [the results of the election] planned?

2. Should Christians support the President?

3. What do you personally think about President Trump?

4. Is Trump in on [the NWO plan] and simply a puppet or pawn?

5. Is Trump genuinely good?

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