Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 3: Identity

In part three of the series, “Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101,” we discuss some of the dynamics of the mentality that causes people to become wrapped up in an ungodly identity that is difficult or impossible to let go. And we make our plea to those caught up in these ungodly doctrines to go back to the basics: go back to the Word of God and be reconciled with the Father.

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Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 1: Back to the Basics

The following is a recorded video conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. It is not an interview.

Link to watch on YouTube: 

The following are some notes to complement the material covered in the video.


What is deliverance and spiritual warfare from a Biblical perspective? In this video (which is part one of what will be several videos speaking about this same subject), we share some of our experiences with deliverance and spiritual warfare, and discuss the importance of getting back to the basics: the standards of God that are found in His Word.


Many people have come to us with complicated issues that they struggle with, including:

  • Healing from mind control agendas
  • Healing from dissociation and traumatic memories
  • Implants
  • Alien abduction
  • Hybrid breeding programs
  • Astral visitation, astral travel, and being taken out of their body
  • Hearing voices
  • Demonic harassment in varying degrees

They are usually asking us questions about deliverance, including:

  • do we know of any special prayers that they can pray that will help them with the exact problem they are dealing with?
  • do we know of a trustworthy deliverance ministry or counselor?
  • how does deliverance work if you have alters?
  • how do they find deliverance?
  • how did/do we find deliverance?
  • is deliverance is a one-time thing, or is it a process that takes a while?

It seems to take some of these people by surprise when we send them back to the basics: confession, repentance, submission, simply asking of God, walking by faith, being obedient to God, living humbly, and focusing on their relationship with God. They aren’t always convinced that this simple solution will adequately address their complicated problems, especially for those who are dissociative and have alters.

However, in this video series, we will go into detail concerning each of these items, and explain how each of these things that are found in the Word of God are those things that will help them find true freedom and healing.

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Q&A: Gateways


This is mostly a comment, but it’s an important one. And it’s good to know that through the book that Carolyn and I wrote, people are starting to make connections for themselves about the occult doctrines that have begun to infiltrate into mainstream Christianity. 🙂

I’m nearly done with your book, and I appreciate all the time and effort. Wow. A huge accomplishment. As I was reading, I remembered Ian Clayton on [YouTube], and he was teaching a great deal of what is in the book. He had many of the buzzwords of engagement, gates, and even talked about [making] the spirit man come out of the body and be over the body. Huh? Totally bizarre. Have you heard of him?

I already personally responded to this individual, but I decided to address this here (adding a lot more info than I gave in the email response, because that’s just how I roll… 😀 ), because it’s important that people are warned away from these false doctrines.

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Q & A: Why Does Scripture Not Positively Affect Occult Infiltrators?


We’ve received an email from a reader who asks the following:

I was wondering why luciferians who are the infiltrators in churches and tv programs knowingly teach on scriptures? For instance, let’s take Ken Copeland or any wolf of choice. Years ago, I used to listen to him. He’d teach on some powerful scriptures such as the ones in Eph 3 about God’s love and His amazing abilities which we cannot fully understand. I’m using the verses at the end of that chapter because I just got done reading that third chapter. When Ken knows that those verses are about our true biblical God, how can he preach with such joy and enthusiasm when he isn’t even interested in our precious Lord. Ken serves a different God. I can understand how you and Carolyn could do it because you were deceived that you were in the right camp, I don’t understand how the fake people can do this? Do they think that the Bible is a joke and a fictional book while they deliberately lead the masses astray? And pretend to be full of joy? Are they simply good actors? If so, one would think that eventually the powerful Word would convict and deal with their wicked hearts after decades of this sort of thing.

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Additional Info about Occult Training

I previously shared about my experiences with occult schools in the astral, and I shared about my experiences with charismatic “christian” training in the physical that was teaching occult doctrine, but in this post, I will share about charismatic “christian” occult schools in the supernatural.

And to be clear: I’m aware that it’s not actually Christian, but the people who are involved in this call themselves “christian.” It’s all a part of this wave of “charismatic witchcraft” that has infiltrated Christian groups, and I’ll just briefly share my experience with this type of training.

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