About Loren Grace

I grew up in a charismatic environment, born into oneness United Pentecostal and Apostolic churches and attending until I was in my mid-teens, and attending charismatic Pentecostal churches until my mid-twenties. I have always felt the call of God upon my life, and I submitted my life to Him at an young age. However, the churches I was born into were infiltrated by a mixture of Satanists and Luciferians, including my mother’s second husband, who was a Satanist. And although my family has never confessed the truth, I have many reasons to believe certain members of my family were or are Luciferian infiltrators, as well, whether consciously or unconsciously.

From an early age, I was ritually abused and programmed by individuals, mostly self-proclaimed Satanists, who had been contracted out by New World Order groups in connection with my bloodlines. As a child I was used in certain experimental programs under the direction of one of my main programmers, such as space exploration and astral spying. As an adult, I was used to fulfill assignments in the astral realms, including teaching young children in the astral, and sometimes given assignment to astrally harass certain pastors and their families. Because of dissociation, I was not consciously aware of these assignments and my involvement in working for Satan’s plan until my mid-thirties, when I reached out for help through what was supposed to be a Christian counselor. After a time, I realized I was neck-deep in the same satanic mess I had been trying to get away from, so I am now in the process of working on my own, renouncing, repenting, and allowing the true God to work His healing in me. It is my desire to share the message of the love of the true God Who calls us all to repentance and reconciliation with Him, and to share the healing message of hope for those who turn to Him and put no other before Him.

I live in Texas with my husband, children and pets. I enjoy writing, cooking, gardening, and crafting.